Wisdom for Parents

Parents, during the course of your child participating in our program, please keep the following in mind :

1. Basketball is the greatest sport on the planet.

2.  Your child’s coach is dedicated to teaching them how to play basketball  properly, and this takes time, so please be patient.

3.  Don’t take youth sports too seriously – it exists for our children to learn to play the sport and enjoy the competitive nature while learning to get along with others.  Even if your child is not a naturally gifted athlete (few are), they can still learn to play the sport well and enjoy it into adulthood.

4. Do take encouraging your child to have a positive attitude and being a good teammate very seriously.  Also, make sure your child arrives on time to practice and always be at games 30 minutes before tip-off.

5.  We are always looking for qualified people to coach our teams.  If you did not sign up to coach, you have forfeited your right to micromanage your child or their teammates from the sidelines.  You should keep all remarks during games and practices to the following phrases :

– Good Effort!

– Great Job!

– Nice Hustle!

– Clap, Clap, Clap


Thank you and we look forward to coaching your child!

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